Once A Nurse, Always A Nurse: An Unconventional Career

"Once a nurse, always a nurse.”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this saying.  It applies to a lot of careers/life choices, but it can be very true that once someone is vested in something, they carry that part of them for the rest of their lives. Regardless of other changes.

I officially quit my first and only nursing job in October 2018.  I am blessed to have the experience that I did, to have the opportunity to work from home, and finally to be able to make the choice to put nursing aside for awhile.

But… Once and always.

Working as a holistic health nurse coach

Although I no longer currently work in a hospital or other facility, I still carry the passion of helping others and improving health with me.

And now?  I have the opportunity to decide how I use that passion, knowledge and experience, on my terms.

Following Our Passion

I think it’s important that we somehow include our passion in our lives.  Everyone is passionate about something. Even if that passion is putting a home-cooked meal on the dinner table every night, that’s important!

Based on my personality, I’ve found that it is fundamental for me to include my passion in my life in some form or another.

My passion for health transitioned into a career in nursing.  And in my seven year career, I’ve dipped my toes into a few different areas of work.  From working with several patients on a Med Surg floor, to a more 1:1 scenario working on a step-down acute care unit, and finally to really finding my niche, helping individuals improve their health as a nurse educator in the Diabetes specialty.

So how do you know if you’re passionate about something?  Look back on your life and identify what has always been around.  I’ve had a lot of hobbies and interests; gardening, photography, singing, horses.  Several of these things have been a part of my life for a long time. And I think it’s safe to say I’m even passionate about them.  But the ONE thing that has been consistent and that allows me to help others, is health.

The Flip Side of Nursing

When I was in nursing school, there were always a few obvious career options when first starting out; nursing home, doctors office, and hospital. I chose (and thankfully had the opportunity for) hospital.  

It was a really exciting time in my life and career, and up until this time I had never considered any other route. However, in the past two years, my eyes have been opened wide to unconventional opportunities. As I’ve dipped my toes into the world of blogging and online business, I have been introduced to an entirely new world of business and nursing.  

Along with that, nursing, has taken an entirely new meaning in my heart and mind.  I love, love working in a hospital, in an acute care setting. I can help patients, be challenged in my skills and education and grow with peers who understand the life of a nurse.  However, as you may assume with my recent decision to step away from nursing clinically, I also acknowledged that acute care nursing had come to an end in my life, for the time being.

I have a passion for nursing, for health, wellness, and helping others.  And as a creative, I started to see an opportunity I simply couldn’t pass up.  Nursing me for, may start to take a slightly different shape in the future. For now, it may simply be in the form of a personal, and passion project.

But I’m excited to share my knowledge, experience, and love for wellness in a way that can heal illness, help people manage personal struggles and prevent future problems and disease.

Because one a nurse, always a nurse.