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Once A Nurse, Always A Nurse: An Unconventional Career

I have a passion for nursing, for health, wellness, and helping others.  And as a creative, I started to see an opportunity I simply couldn’t pass up.  Nursing me for, may start to take a slightly different shape in the future. For now, it may simply be in the form of a personal, and passion project.

But I’m excited to share my knowledge, experience, and love for wellness in a way that can heal illness, help people manage personal struggles and prevent future problems and disease.

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We're Not A Normal Family

I hope you’re not comparing yourself or your family to anyone else you see online. I hope that you go against the flow on occasion, make the most of the little moments, even if they are unscheduled, at random and far from what “normal” should be.

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Motivation Is Created

January in particular seems to be a struggle for most people. Strange right? It’s January, the month of a new year, full of motivation, resolutions, excitement. The problem is, that motivation typically lasts about 7-10 days at the most. On average, only about 65% of people even make it past the first month

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A Good Reminder

Despite all that I wanted to “accomplish” this at home, it simply didn’t happen. On the other hand, Kenna, the dogs and I cuddled, watched a heck of a lot of movies, and enjoyed a little bit of snow as we watched winter creep into our lives. We also still managed to make several great dinners, and I even snuck in a few workouts once my health bounced back.

It was the perfect reminder that despite what WE plan, life happens and sometimes we just need to enjoy the rest and the journey as much as we can.

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