A Good Reminder

I went blazing into the month of November, excited for the Holiday season to come and my final full month of work before a nice, winter break.

I knew this month would be just a little tricky, because Zach was leaving for a 12 day hunting trip in Nebraska and I was going to be home to hold down the fort by myself. More like manage the wood burner and two dogs by myself. Kenna and I are pretty to easy to care for.

And on November 1st, when I woke up with a terrible, terrible sore throat… I had just the tiniest glimpse of what the entire month would look like. Long story short, everyone in the house was sick once or twice within the lovely 30 days of November, but we all came out the other side alive and well. I’ll talk more soon on changes I made to help boost our immune system!

While in Nebraska, Zach didn’t find his Mule Deer until almost the second to last day of his trip. Yet, despite that, he relaxed, enjoyed the company of his friends, and just enjoyed the hunt. He had an incredible experience in Nebraska and I’m so glad he was able to enjoy the much needed time away.

Despite all that I wanted to “accomplish” this at home, it simply didn’t happen. On the other hand, Kenna, the dogs and I cuddled, watched a heck of a lot of movies, and enjoyed a little bit of snow as we watched winter creep into our lives. We also still managed to make several great dinners, and I even snuck in a few workouts once my health bounced back.

It was the perfect reminder that despite what WE plan, life happens and sometimes we just need to enjoy the rest and the journey as much as we can.

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