Recipe Roundup: Simple Summer Recipes


Summmerrrr is here, almost.

We’re just 8 days shy of the first official day of summer and I don’t know about you all, but I can hardly believe that we’re already halfway through this year.

The days are longer, and yet I’ve found that we’re already filling our time with mowing, gardening, outside clean-up, and fun summer activities. Throw in the fact that our summer vacation has already come and gone, it really hits home that summer flies by and it’s so important to make the most of our time!

When it comes to summer and cooking, I always have BIG ideas of some yummy recipes I’d love to try. But the truth is? Those big cooking days are few and far between. Realistically, I want to make the most of my time outside, and while inside I prefer to beat the heat by keeping things turned down in the kitchen as much as possible.

This means finding ways to simplify my cook time with yummy Instant Pot meals or one-pan dinners.

That being said, Summer is also a time when our food intake can take a sharp increase. There are so many great summer cookouts, tasty cocktails, late night BBQ’s, etc. And with longer days, it’s easy to fill our time with things on our to-do list and cooking healthy meals quickly becomes a low priority.

Recipe Roundup for Summer Recipes

Because I know the struggle of summer planning, prepping & cooking, I did half of the work for you. I gathered up 15 DELICIOUS and super simple recipes in this Summer Recipe Roundup.

There’s no excuses now my friend. You’re halfway there to enjoying some healthy, simple, and family friendly delicious dinners this summer. There are plenty of options included from pork, beef, fish & salads so there’s something for everyone to love.

All you have to do is fill out the form below, and a beautiful one-page PDF will be delivered directly to your inbox. From there, it’s as simple as ‘click and save’ and you’re on your way to a tastier summer. I would save this PDF some where easily accessible, like your Desktop or Favorites folder so that you can reference it all summer long!

PS - Add some warm, crumbled bacon to the Brussel Sprout Salad recipe, you’re welcome.