We're Not A Normal Family


The other evening, Zach, Kenna, and I were all together helping Zach train our two black labs, Ace and Sky.

It was 6 PM, I was standing in a wide open field, watching my daughter cover herself head to toe in mud. I stood there with a bumper in my hands (a training tool), waiting instructions from my husband on when to throw it for the dog. I watched as he brought our newest little lab, Sky, to “the line” (where she’ll start to run from if you will) and all I could think was that we are so far from “normal.”

I couldn’t help but wonder what is considered normal, and what a typical family of three would be doing on an evening like that.

I knew that I could have been at home making dinner. I knew that I could have been on the couch, scrolling Pinterest. I knew that I could have been folding laundry and catching up on Netflix.

Instead, I was getting in 2,000+ steps just walking across a large field, back and forth, back and forth, helping Zach set up a new training scenario for each dog. I watched as my daughter jumped puddles, made mud pies, and collected long stems of grass for her newest “bracelet.”

We’re also not a 9-5 family. I woke up at 4:30 that morning so that I could make some coffee and then start working in my home office. I’ve come to learn it’s the only way that I can accomplish much of anything AND manage to get a morning workout in, as a work from home mom.

My schedule is far from normal, and my daily time blocks revolve around my five year old’s schedule, and when I need to let the dogs outside.

While I’m at work, Zach is working one of two jobs, something that he enjoys doing to stay busy, support our family (and let’s be honest, his many hobbies.) He has the most irregular schedule of the three of us, and yet I never feel alone. Despite all the hours he invests into work and his passions, he still finds plenty of time and ways to spend with us.

We don’t go to the movies. We rarely eat dinner at a typical hour. Date nights out aren’t really our thing.

Nope, we spend our evenings in a big field, with mud, dogs, and lots of walking.

We’re so far from normal, I’m actually not sure what a “normal” family would look like, and to be honest I hope one doesn’t exist.

I hope that you’re far from normal too.

I hope you’re not comparing yourself or your family to anyone else you see online. I hope that you go against the flow on occasion, make the most of the little moments, even if they are unscheduled, at random and far from what “normal” should be.

I hope you let your un-normal family flag fly and live life a little unconventionally.