Why Bare Roots Living?

I had a post ready to launch for today, and then I decided to postpone it. Don’t worry, I promise you’ll get to read it soon! But today’s post… the very first post of Bare Roots Living… it is a little more raw, unrevised, transparent, and honest. Very fitting.

I’ve been picturing this moment for some time. I have considered starting a “wellness” blog for so long, and yet the time was never right.

I’m a wife and mom. I run an online business, and up until a month ago, I was also working as a registered nurse. And over the past two years, as I have transitioned into this “position” as business owner and entrepreneur, I have learned so, so much about myself.

bare roots living a lifestyle and wellness blog

We always feel like we “know ourselves” and then it’s almost a shock to the system when we continue to learn, grow, change, and embrace what really matters in life.

Running a business is extremely challenging, yet I’m thankful for this journey as it has developed me as a person and introduced me to need for self-development. When I first considered starting a new blog, I was in the process of really digging deep into my life and acknowledging what matters most. For me it was time. And while my time was usually very well occupied, I knew that despite how much I would love to share my wellness journey and help others, it just wasn’t the right time.

Now as my sweet little girl continues to grow and begin her journey to school, as I continue to learn, and grow - I’ve finally felt confident that now was the right time to start something a little new.

As I’ve learned how to take care of myself best, how to place my oxygen mask first, I’m excited to help others do the same.

So WHY Bare Roots Living?

Life Can Be Dormant And Vulnerable

If you’re not a gardener, then you may not be familiar with the term “bare roots.” Bare Root Plants are plants that are purchased in a dormant state and have been removed from all soil. They are able to be shipped long distances in this state. When they arrive they need to be transferred to fresh soil within 48 hours.

When I first heard this term, I couldn’t help but identify how it relates to real life. Throughout a lifetime, our days are at times in dormant and vulnerable states. Our life ebbs and flows. Life events happen, milestones, and tragedies. It’s completely normal and unpreventable. And in this situations, it’s perfectly acceptable to live in the in-between, trying to find our footing in life.

It’s sometimes even necessary, in order to move from one state to the next.

It should not; however, become the normal. Bare Roots are vulnerable, and they cannot last without proper food, water, oxygen and light.

And in order to preserve the plant, a gardener has to be knowledgeable of how to properly care for it. How to plant it, nurture it, and help it grow.

Our Bodies And Health Needs A Strong Foundation

Typically, when someone purchases a plant they dig a hole, put it in the ground and water it, they may even supplement the soil with a fertilizer.

But there is more information that must be known - is it an annual or perennial? Does it require sun or shade? What season is best to plant it in?

If someone purchases a bare root plant, and simply places it in the ground without any knowledge or experience of where to place it and when, how much water to provide, etc. there is a good chance the plant will not survive.

In today’s society, with our standards in nutrition and fitness, we “feed” our bodies, but we rarely take the time to fully understand how that food will affect us, what the ingredients are, how it was sourced, and how much we need to move our bodies before and after to maintain overall health.

As a result, we constantly chase our “health” with a variety of workout routines that we start and do not finish. Or we start and stop different diets that are supposed to work this time around. We over water, under water, and become frustrated when nothing works.

Quote (4).png

Like bare root plants, we need a solid foundation. We need nurturing, care, and growth.

There Are Times When We Need Pruning

When bare root plants are first received, there may be dead areas that need pruned off. Without this crucial step, this death or plant rot can inhibit the growth of the healthy plant.

We need to learn how to maintain and prune. We have to know how to navigate the ebbs and flows without sacrificing our own wellbeing.

Our lives have seasons. In order to effectively navigate these seasons, we need to have a thorough understanding of how to maintain our health. We cannot meet our own expectations or help others without first caring for ourselves.

So Why Bare Roots Living Blog?

I am on my own journey of managing my health, my time, and my overall wellbeing. I’m a registered nurse with experience as a diabetes educator and health coach and yet I still continue to learn and develop.

And throughout my journey I have learned several things:

  • Motivation comes and goes

  • There is no “perfect” state of health

  • Holidays and events present constant challenges

  • There will always be an excuse

  • Health/Wellness is a marathon

  • We have to take a holistic approach with our lives

When I first started as a diabetes education nurse, I was terrified that I didn’t “know enough” to help anyone else manage their health. Initially, I was certain that I needed to have all of the diabetes medications memorized - the action, side effects, onset, duration, compatibilities, etc.

As a nurse educator, the medications were extremely important. But in time, I found that I was much more than a nurse educator. I was a health coach, a nutritionist, a therapist, and a wellness friend.

I watched patient’s enter the hospital extremely ill, start new medications (including insulin), meet with me shortly after, and talk through their stress, their day, their time management, their habits, their fears, and their nutrition. Several months later, they were on reduced medications, or even none at all, and prioritizing their food and activity.

They weren’t perfect, but they were concerned enough to make a change, see the benefits and find the freedom in that change, and maintain it.

I talked to patient’s who told me that they viewed the education as a “refresher” because they ate well and they were active. And I watched them leave in awe, overwhelmed by new information they never knew or fully understood. And several months later, they were able to prevent additional medications and started to acknowledge their burst in energy and excitement for life.

I would become frustrated when this wasn’t the case for everyone. Some patient’s received the information and let it go. They weren’t ready. They didn’t commit. They didn’t care.

So why does any of this matter and what does it have to do with this blog?

I know that someone is ready for a change right now.
I know that someone thinks they don’t need any help.
I know that someone is doing it all “right” with all the wrong information.
I know that someone doesn’t care right now.
I know that that same someone may care later.

I feel called to help even just one woman (or man!) fully understand their health, wellness, and body - without the constant frustration of starting yet “another” diet, only to fail.

More than anything… I’m on my own journey and I feel called to share. I know that life can have ebbs and flows, states of dormancy and vulnerability, and that bare roots need to be well cared for. I feel called to help.

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